Why 10X ERP

With so many ERP options in the market, why choose 10X ERP?

An Exciting Experience

We cater our entire process around excitement for your new system and what it will do for you and your employees, from Discovery through Preparation to Launch and beyond.

“Go-Live” is an outdated relic of backward-looking ERP companies. You’re looking to launch your company forward, so why call it something different than what it is - Launching your company into the future!

  • Streamlined Implementation Process
  • Launch vs. “Go-Live”
  • Guided Team Engagement
  • Real-Time Status Visibility & Transparency
  • Launch Countdown

Clean, Crisp UI/UX

10X ERP’s entire UI/UX is built to not just “get the job done” but to empower and delight our end users.

Through continuous testing and feedback from actual users, the experience has been modernized and optimized to reduce extraneous user interaction and maximize time on value-add tasks.

  • Intuitive User Interface (UI)
  • Optimized User Experience (UX)
  • Incredibly Fast (<100ms Goal)
  • Quick Navigation w/ Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Minimized Click-Throughs
  • Light & Dark Mode
  • Intuitive Search & Autocomplete

Easy/Seamless Integrations

As a full-service ERP company, we love to integrate any and all programs so you can best utilize 10X ERP. We also understand some partners appreciate the ability to integrate themselves.

By taking an API-First approach, we empower our partners to get the greatest value from 10X ERP so you can integrate and customize yourself. Some of the built-in integration capabilities include:

  • Shipping Integrator
  • Bank Feeds
  • Address Verification and Auto-Completion
  • Credit Card Processing
  • ACH with NACHA File Generation
  • Cloud-based Printing
  • Document Parsing for Automation

No Outside Consultants or Dedicated Personnel Needed

While other ERP companies put the burden on you - we’re here to address any and all fears, mitigate potential issues, and build excitement for your company’s future!

  • Full-Service ERP Implementation & Support
  • Customizaton & Integration Options
  • Hyper-Intuitive User Interface
  • Rapid Onboarding for New Users

Simple Pricing Structure

We provide all the functionality your business needs to scale effectively as part of our upfront pricing and terms. You'll know exactly what you're getting so there's no surprises - today or in the future.

  • All-Inclusive Per User Pricing
  • Lump Sum Launch Fee
  • Ongoing Integration & Customization Options

Lifetime Partnership

As a Partner, not just a Customer, we provide the most personal implementation and ongoing support experience in ERP. We want to be the catalyst for your business to thrive in the modern distribution environment.

  • Full Service ERP Partner
  • Integration of Website, Apps, etc. In-House
  • Referrals
  • Dedicated Partner Rep

Unparalleled Service & Support

Rather than service tickets, we have conversations with our users to address their requests. Leveraging best-in-class support, you have full conversation history available at any time and 24/7 access to all training and support documents - all from right within the app!

  • Conversations vs. Tickets/Cases
  • Prompt Responses
  • Full Traceability
  • Product Tour Guides
  • Readily Available Support Docs In-App

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