We’re providing an unparalleled ERP experience and, as part of that, we believe our pricing should be clear, easy to understand, and readily available.

No gimmicks, no unexpected surprises, no traps - just transparency, plain and simple.

Discovery Fee


one time
  • Credited to Launch Fee
  • Identify Critical Business Processes
  • Review Data Migration Needs
  • Clarify App Integrations
  • Develop & Deliver Launch Plan

Launch Fee

Varies, Lump Sum

incl. discovery fee credit ($5,000)

We’ve noted typical implementations below, scroll over the complexity level to see examples.

$15,000 - Low Complexity

$45,000 - Medium Complexity

- High Complexity

Full Access


per user per month

(5 user minimum)

  • All-inclusive - all functionality, features, modules, tools, dashboards... Everything!
  • Best-in-Class Cloud-Hosting
  • Real-Time Data Processing
  • Continuous Data Backup
  • All Product Updates
  • Rapid Service/Support

Ongoing Customization & Optimization Options

Why add overhead to your company when 10X ERP provides efficient resources to maximize the value of your ERP.

App integrations, e-commerce-ERP synchronization, ongoing business process customization & optimization, and anything else you can dream up - we help you stay at the forefront of your industry.

10 Hours


per month
  • 10h Allocation for Partner-Specific requests ($100/hour)
  • No Rollover

22 hours


per month
  • 22h Allocation for Partner-Specific requests ($90/hour)
  • 1 Month Rollover

60 hours


per month
  • 60h Allocation for Partner-Specific requests ($75/hour)
  • 2 Months Rollover

A la Carte

Customization & Optimization - $150/hr
Special Projects - Quotes Available Upon Request

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