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Our Story

The idea of 10X ERP came about when Brian realized, after years of creating tools, building patches, and customizing integrations with a legacy ERP, his distribution business needed new enterprise software to continue growing. He researched online and talked with a few business owners and came to a conclusion - no existing ERP on the market was going to perform the way he needed.

So what to do? Simple, build a better one, from scratch, using modern technologies to run my business.

That ambitious decision was made in March 2021. Over the next few months, Brian and the development group who’d helped him patch his legacy system began building 10X ERP based on feedback from the end-users at his company. As the project progressed, he discussed it with other business owners and came to another conclusion - they were all looking for what he was building. A modern, powerful ERP software and a simplified onboarding process.

We’re excited to see how 10X ERP will help other businesses grow and can’t wait to work with each partner to make it, unquestionably, the best ERP for distributors.

Market Need

Typically, selecting and implementing an ERP is overwhelming, burdensome, time-intensive, and extremely expensive to a business. ERP software is inflexible, cumbersome, complex, and requires continuous monitoring, training, and maintenance by your employees. After “Go-Live”, service is lackluster, with most business owners and stakeholders wondering what value they receive for their monthly ERP costs and asking “Why is there not a better option?”


Now there is. 10X ERP has built from scratch a modern, powerful, and delightful ERP with a transparent and simple onboarding process.

By utilizing modern technologies and processes, 10X ERP is able to:

  • Minimize time to implementation
  • Reduce training time to near zero
  • Integrate easily with other applications
  • Eliminate system waiting time
  • Allow for rapid growth, with seemless user expansion, and
  • Address service requests transparently and quickly

From the Founders

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Brian DeSpain

Brian is the co-founder and CEO of 10X ERP, as well as the president and owner of Global O-Ring and Seal, a wholesale distributor of sealing components. He’s been in and around wholesale distribution businesses for most of his life, being the third generation of his family in the industry. He’s a board member of the leading sealing industry association. Most of all, he enjoys working with other business owners and industry peers to improve processes and drive innovation to stay ahead in these challenging and fast-paced times.

"We have built, from scratch, the most intuitive, fastest, and user-friendly experience in ERP - in short, a beautiful ERP that’s delightful to use. Where any employee - new or seasoned - can quickly and painlessly navigate the system. We provide the best upfront and ongoing value to any distributor looking to grow their business profitably and exponentially."
Brian DeSpain
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Michael McCormack

Michael is co-founder and COO of 10X ERP. He comes from the oil and gas industry, where he oversaw large, complex projects for more than a decade. He has worked in over a dozen different ERP systems and led the selection process for one at a previous employer. He joined 10X ERP because he shares the vision of building a better solution and simplifying complex processes.

"As a partner, not just a customer, we’ll lead you through all stages of implementation - from process identification and data migration to launch and post-launch. Our focus on ongoing user engagement helps us continually improve 10X’s ability to respond to your business's needs. I want both business owners and our product end-users to always see the value in utilizing 10X ERP."
Michael McCormack

Our Vision

We believe the ERP software experience should be painless and unintimidating.

Our Mission

To use modern technologies to build the most delightful, user-friendly, and customer-centric ERP for innovative distributors by fostering ongoing partnerships with owners and end-users.

Our Values

The opposite of complex, something anyone and everyone can understand.
No secrets or hidden interactions - direct, clear, and without pretense in our communications.
Concentrate on the most important things through SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timebound) goals.
Continuous Improvement
Strive to incrementally improve in all we do through internal and external feedback.
Grow our people and our partners.
Receptive to new ideas, thoughts, and opinions.
Be aware of ourselves and how what we do impacts the world around us.
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