The 10X ERP Difference: Redefining Business Intelligence with Superior Dashboards

The 10X ERP Difference: Redefining Business Intelligence with Superior Dashboards featured imageThe 10X ERP Difference: Redefining Business Intelligence with Superior Dashboards featured image


  • 10X ERP offers superior dashboards that directly integrate with the ERP system, ensuring accurate, real-time insights and promoting swift, data-driven decision-making in the distribution sector.
  • Designed with a user-friendly interface and accessible across mobile and web platforms, 10X ERP dashboards simplify complex data and provide anytime, anywhere business performance insights.
  • With an all-inclusive, cloud-hosted, and mobile-responsive solution, 10X ERP stands committed to helping businesses grow exponentially, offering comprehensive features and continuous support throughout all stages of implementation.

In the dynamic world of distribution, the ability to make swift, informed decisions can be a game-changer. As businesses continue to generate copious amounts of data, the challenge lies in turning this raw data into actionable insights. That’s where dashboards come into play—visual interfaces that simplify data analysis by presenting a comprehensive snapshot of your business operations in real-time.

At 10X ERP, we’ve built this dashboard concept into the ERP to create a tool that visualizes the live data for you and your team. Since the dashboard is a part of the system, it offers real-time updates, user-friendly interfaces, and mobile/web-based accessibility. This blog post will explore what sets our dashboards apart and how they can empower your small to midsize distribution business to reach new heights of success.

Direct Access to ERP Data

One key feature that sets our dashboards apart at 10X ERP is that it’s part of the ERP software. This ensures that your dashboards provide a holistic view of your business operations. This direct link minimizes data discrepancies and ensures that the insights you receive are timely and accurate.

As an distributor, you constantly juggle customer details, sales statistics, inventory levels, and more. With 10X ERP’s integration, all this data is at your fingertips, presented in a clear, easy-to-understand format that empowers you to make strategic decisions based on real-time information.

Real-Time Updates for Agile Decision-Making

In the fast-paced distribution sector, the ability to respond quickly to changes in your business environment can mean the difference between success and stagnation. This is why our dashboards at 10X ERP are designed to provide real-time updates.

As soon as there’s a change in your ERP data—whether it’s a surge in sales orders or an unexpected dip in inventory levels—your dashboard will reflect it. This real-time functionality allows you to identify and respond to emerging trends, fostering agile decision-making and enhancing operational efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface for All Levels of Expertise

At 10X ERP, we understand that not everyone is a data analyst. That’s why we’ve designed our dashboards to be user-friendly, ensuring that all team members, regardless of their level of data literacy, can understand and utilize the insights they provide.

Our dashboards utilize visual elements such as charts, graphs, and gauges to represent complex data sets. This visual representation simplifies data, enabling your team to quickly understand and act on the insights provided. This saves time and boosts productivity by enabling all team members to make data-driven decisions.

Mobile/Web-Based Access for any time, Anywhere Insights

The modern business environment isn’t confined to the office. To keep up with the fast pace of distribution, you need access to your business data wherever and whenever you need it. This is why 10X ERP dashboards are mobile and web-based.

With our dashboards, you and your entire staff can monitor your business operations from any internet-enabled device. Whether in the warehouse, on the road, or working from home, you can check your dashboard for real-time insights into your business performance. This flexibility and accessibility ensures that you’re always connected to your business, enabling you and your team to make informed decisions no matter where you are.

Plug into Success with 10X ERP

In the rapidly evolving distribution sector, staying competitive means staying informed. At 10X ERP, we offer an all-inclusive, cloud-hosted, browser-based, and mobile-responsive ERP solution designed specifically for distributors​​. Our solution integrates seamlessly with any other modern business software, providing a comprehensive suite of features that include real-time data processing, full accounting functionality, inventory management, sales, purchasing, and status dashboards, all backed by in-app support​​.

From sales and purchase order entry and customer and vendor relationship management to quality control management tools, our platform offers a robust, fully integrated system designed to support the needs of your business​​. Our modern tech stack allows easy app integrations, including a custom shipping integrator, credit card processing, cloud-based printing, and more​​.

Our founders, with deep roots in the wholesale distribution business and the experience of overseeing large, complex projects, have built intuitive, fast, and user-friendly software from scratch – a beautiful ERP that’s delightful to use. This approach, coupled with our commitment to providing the best upfront and ongoing value, positions 10X ERP as a partner committed to helping your business grow profitably and exponentially​.

We don’t just provide software, we guide you through all stages of implementation, from process identification and data migration to launch and post-launch support. This focus on ongoing user engagement helps us continually improve our ability to respond to your business’s needs, ensuring that 10X ERP always provides the best ongoing value to your company​​.

As you navigate the ever-changing landscape of the distribution sector, know you’re not alone. 10X ERP provides the tools you need to keep up with the pace of change and thrive in the face of it. Our dashboards, with their direct integration with ERP data, real-time updates, user-friendly interfaces, and mobile/web-based access, are just one of the many ways we can help your business succeed.

We invite you to learn more about how 10X ERP can support your business. For more information, visit our website at or email at

Plug into success with 10X ERP, and experience the difference our superior dashboards can make for your business. Together, let’s drive your business forward, powered by data, fueled by insights, and led by 10X ERP.