Software Support – Your Key to Business Success

Software Support – Your Key to Business Success featured imageSoftware Support – Your Key to Business Success featured image


  • Distributors are facing increased demands from manufacturers and customers, making efficiency and technology, particularly software support, essential for success.
  • Effective software support includes a full-service launch process, a comprehensive knowledge base, an intuitive user interface, and multi-channel support options.
  • A knowledgeable support team, familiar with distribution business processes, significantly enhances the software’s value and user satisfaction.

Running a distribution business requires more efficiency than ever before. Manufacturers are pushing more service-related functions to their distributors, and customers are expecting more service. The end result: distributors are shouldering more of the load on both sides.

The best way to deal with this problem is through the use of technology. Automating as many steps as possible removes human costs and errors from your business.  And achieving the highest level of automation requires significant support from your software provider.  Are you getting the support you need?

Excellent software support is made of multiple facets.

Full-service Launch process. Starting out well is more than half the battle. A full-service provider leads you step-by-step through the Launch process. This includes data migration, business process discovery, training and in-person support at the point of Launch.

Knowledge base availability. A solid ERP product includes readily available articles and how-to videos. Being able to find immediate answers to your questions not only resolves your questions more quickly, but user satisfaction is always increased if a significant level of self-service is available. 

Intuitive user interface. Yes, the design of the software is an important part of the support mechanism. If all screens are consistent, and the user can understand the flow of the software, then most questions are resolved intuitively. For example, users have many questions related to how to create reports. When all the report screens work in the same way, and it is evident how you would select various options, then most users will figure out how to get the information they require.

Multi-channel support. Consumers are all different when it comes to the best way to receive support. An integrated knowledge base was mentioned previously.  In-app support, where the user can enter their question right from the screen in which they are working, allows the user to automatically capture the process they were running when the question came up.  Prefer to email the question, or just pick up the phone and call someone?  You need to be able to do whatever is most productive for you.

A support team that knows your business. When the support person you talk to immediately understands the business process you are working with, they can focus on the specific software question you have. Nothing is more frustrating than needing to educate the support person on why you are doing what you do in your distribution business, before they can even begin to resolve your issue. A support team that is knowledgeable about distribution and daily distribution processes will be able to immediately apply themselves to your specific question.

You make a significant investment in software to power your business. Make sure you receive the best support possible in order to get all you need from your software.  10X ERP, designed by industry, for industry, provides the support you need to drive your business to higher levels of growth and profitability.