Protecting Your Data: Ensuring your Business is Ready at All Times

Protecting Your Data: Ensuring your Business is Ready at All Times featured imageProtecting Your Data: Ensuring your Business is Ready at All Times featured image


  • 10X ERP commits to data safety with up-to-the-second backups and efficient recovery, ensuring minimal downtime and data loss.
  • The company performs frequent incremental backups every 30 minutes and comprehensive full backups daily for consistent data protection.
  • Advanced recovery techniques, including point-in-time recovery and Write Ahead Log technology, provide robust security and minimal data loss in emergencies.

Have you ever had to restore a backup of your ERP system?  Most likely, you had to fall back to the previous evening’s data and re-create all your transactions until the failure. How maddening is that?  

At 10X ERP, we’re committed to ensuring your data’s safety and availability with precision and efficiency that sets us apart. Our backup process is designed to provide up to the second point in time backups, leveraging world-class technology and leading platforms to offer unparalleled data protection and recovery capabilities. This meticulous approach allows us to provide a robust safety net for your business operations, ensuring peace of mind and continuous availability.

Advanced recovery techniques mean your business never skips a beat.
  • Frequent Incremental Backups: We perform incremental backups every 30 minutes, allowing efficient and timely data recovery. This strategy significantly reduces storage requirements while ensuring your data is consistently up to date.
  • Daily Full Backups: Our system conducts comprehensive full backups daily at midnight, ensuring a complete snapshot of your data is always available for recovery.
  • Best-in-Class Cloud Data Storage: We utilize leading cloud data storage centers, employing dedicated storage buckets for secure and scalable backup storage solutions.
  • Advanced Data Recovery: Our advanced recovery techniques enable point-in-time recovery (PITR), allowing us to restore your data to any specific second, ensuring minimal data loss even in the most critical scenarios.
  • Write Ahead Log (WAL) Utilization: The integration of Write Ahead Log technology means that even if a server crash occurs moments after the last incremental backup, we can still recover every bit of your data up to the second before the crash.

We prioritize your data’s integrity and availability, integrating the most advanced backup and recovery methods to safeguard your operations against unforeseen events. Trust us to keep your data secure, accessible, and recoverable whenever needed.