Doing More with Less

Doing More with Less featured imageDoing More with Less featured image


  • 10X ERP increases efficiency by automating warehouse operations and order processing, requiring fewer or less experienced staff.
  • The software streamlines sales and accounting tasks by using document parsing and automated invoicing, freeing up staff for more meaningful interactions.
  • 10X ERP’s automated Amazon integration and shipping manifest simplify complex processes, enabling seamless transactions and reducing manual workload.

One of the big issues facing distributors today is the difficulty in hiring and keeping qualified people. Whether in the warehouse or in customer service, it is difficult to find people either willing or qualified to work.  

What can you do to overcome this? One of the solutions is to utilize the increased automation provided by 10X ERP. There are several areas where automation allows you to accomplish your required tasks with fewer people, or with people who are not as knowledgeable as your longer-term employees.

How does 10X ERP’s warehouse automation lead to increased picking speed and accuracy?

Warehouse scanning

Utilizing barcode scanners with bin locations in your warehouse greatly increases the speed of picking and putaway. Because putaways and picks direct the employee to the specific location required, your people no longer spend time searching for the correct bin. Also, a new employee does not need to know your products in order to go to a specific location and put something away, or pick an item.  

If you further combine directed locations with scanning the item being picked, now you increase the accuracy of the pick by validating the correct item being scanned. This also has the effect of increasing customer satisfaction, as it reduces incorrect product shipments.

One high-volume client ran their entire picking operation using temporary employees, due to the accuracy of this directed picking process.

Seamless Sales Orders: 10X ERP’s document parsing automating and streamlining order processing.

Document Parsing

Does your inside sales or customer service team receive orders as PDF attachments to inbound emails? Enabling 10X ERP to electronically parse documents and automatically create Sales Orders can save your sales team substantial time. This time savings translates into fewer people required for order entry tasks. This also has the advantage of freeing up time for your existing team to tackle more meaningful conversations with your customers, as well as increasing order accuracy since human keystrokes are largely eliminated.  

You would train 10X ERP how to recognize the fields from each customer Purchase Order, and once you have set that PO up for a customer, each successive order can be automatically entered by the system.  

Automated Excellence: 10X ERP’s invoicing and journal entries driving financial efficiency.

Automated Invoicing and Journal Entries

How much time does your Accounting group spend reviewing Sales Invoices before they are sent?   And what processes do they have to follow at the end of the day in order to finalize invoices and create GL Journal Entries?  10X ERP’s integrated Shipping Manifest moves the outbound freight billing to the invoice as you ship, and finalizes and sends the invoice to the customer.  This eliminates the need for someone to touch the order to add freight charges, and it also eliminates the daily invoice posting routine.  

Similarly, on the Payables side, a Vendor Bill can be entered with one field of data – the Invoice number – applied to a Purchase Receipt.  The entry of this Vendor Bill creates the payable record and the GL Journal entry at the same time.  

How does 10X ERP’s automated Amazon integration benefit distributors’ e-commerce operations?

Amazon Integration

Many distributors are diversifying their sales efforts by listing some of their products on Amazon.  The Amazon relationship can be very step-intensive, requiring multiple entries in order for one transaction to be completed. With 10X ERP’s automated Amazon integration, every transaction between your company and Amazon is handled seamlessly by the system. This includes posting Items to Amazon, updating quantities available to sell, receiving Amazon orders, and updating those orders with tracking information. Imagine picking and shipping Amazon orders, with all the rest of the steps done automatically by 10X ERP!


10X ERP’s focus on automation increases efficiency and allows your company to get more done without adding people. In a time when finding people to work is tough, having a software program that works FOR YOU allows you to deliver the goods.