The Best Free Timesheet Templates

The Best Free Timesheet Templates featured imageThe Best Free Timesheet Templates featured image

A timesheet is a data table that tracks the total hours an employee has worked during a set period. Businesses may use timesheets to track time spent on tasks, clients, or projects. Larger businesses use software or apps to track employee hours, but paper-based timesheets will suffice for smaller companies with fewer employees.

In this article, we’ll share a few of the best free printable timesheet templates available.

The Best Free Timesheet Templates

Here’s our list of the best free timesheet templates.

As a business, you need to meet deadlines, maintain your budget and use time effectively – all of which require accurate record-keeping. Here are a few timesheet templates you can use to track time in your organization.

1. Jibble

Jibble offers both a free timesheet app and several useful timesheet templates you can download and print. The templates are available in several useful formats, including Google Sheets, Google Docs, Excel, PDF, and MS Word. Some of the timesheet templates on offer include:

  • A monthly timesheet template to calculate the hours an employee worked in a month;
  • A semi-monthly timesheet template that calculates the hours worked on a semi-monthly basis;
  • A weekly timesheet template that calculates hours worked weekly;
  • A daily supervisor timesheet template that calculates multiple employees’ worked hours daily;
  • A project timesheet template that calculates work hours per project.

In addition, there are free industry-specific templates including Construction Timesheets, Agency Timesheets, and Healthcare Timesheets. Each timesheet is simple to use and intuitive. They are unbranded and editable, which makes it easy to adjust your templates.

2. Clockify

Clockify is similar to Jibble. It offers weekly, semi-monthly, biweekly, daily, and monthly timesheet templates that are downloadable as a PDF, MS Word, Google Sheets, or Excel spreadsheet file. (There‚Äôs also a daily supervisor timesheet template and a projects timesheet template). You can use the templates to calculate the hours’ employees worked, capture start and end times, and specify vacation time and sick leave, overtime hours, and pay. Employees also have the option of adding their lunch breaks if required.

What sets Clockify apart is a handy timesheet report that you can download or complete online. Add hourly rates for each department, team member, or project; calculate the pay period or project cost with a click, and then generate visual weekly timesheet reports in Excel, CSV, or Google Sheets.

There’s a nice safety feature as well. Once you’re done with filling in timesheets, you can approve them by locking timesheets for a certain pay period – this way, your employees won’t be able to make changes to already approved timesheets, and your timesheet data will stay consistent and accurate.

3. TimeDoctor

TimeDoctor offers three simple timesheet templates that can be used to track regular and overtime hours, namely a Weekly Time Sheet Template, Bi-Weekly Time Sheet Template, and Monthly Time Sheet Template.

Templates are easy to use. The Week Starting field automatically inputs the date and day column information, so employees only need to enter Time In and Time Out. Total Pay is automatically calculated based on the Rate per Hour set in Google Sheets and Excel. The MS Word and PDF template files are blank.

On the downside, there is no daily timesheet template, which means you’ll need to download a separate timesheet to track daily hours. Essentially, TimeDoctor provides a free employee timesheet template and not much else. If you need to track multiple projects or other important tasks, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

4. My Hours

If you need an Excel timesheet template equipped with automatic calculations that simplify the payroll process, My Hours is a great option. Like other templates, you can download printable daily, monthly, and weekly timesheet templates in Excel, Word, or PDF or copy the Google Sheets version to keep an electronic timesheet. The project billing template is a great way of tracking billable hours on projects.

Each timesheet template tracks work hours, overtime hours, vacation days, and lunch breaks. There is also a handy instruction panel and filled template sample, which reduces the learning curve considerably.

Additional features include automatic entries when a start date is entered, the option to calculate the total hours (based on rates), automatic payroll calculation, and the ability to change the time format.

5. Replicon

Replicon‘s timesheet template is slightly more complex than the previous templates but is a great way of tracking time on important tasks or projects. You can track project activities on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, track billable hours, record the Start and Stop time of your tasks, and calculate work duration for client analysis. The timesheet can also track overtime hours worked at the relevant rate.

There are additional fields to capture your project name, project code, client time, and breaks. On the downside, the template is only available in PDF or Microsoft Excel format.

6. Vertex42

Vertex42 offers a useful Excel timesheet that includes unpaid leave. There are fields for regular and overtime hours, sick leave, holiday hours, and unpaid leave. You can add your hourly rate to calculate paid and unpaid time off or use the tabs to track biweekly work hours. There are also fields for tracking hours and minutes if required.


Timesheets are excellent for small businesses, but ERP may be the best solution as you grow.

Timesheets are useful for tracking time in smaller organizations, but as your business grows, it may be too time-consuming and complex to use paper-based or Excel-type timesheets. Time tracking software gives your HR, account management, and project managers more insight into the hours employees are working.

It not only simplifies payroll and approvals but makes workforce management and forecasting easier. If you think it may be time to investigate other systems, and how they can integrate with 10X ERP, chat with us!